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Jan Brewer

Meeting of the Minds in Arizona

Two Rhode Island state reps give the inside story on their meeting with Gov . Jan Brewer as they mull new immigration law

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  1. Judge to Decide on Arizona's Injunction Appeal

    Court could rule soon on whether blocked portions of immigration law will stand

  2. Can the Arizona Governor Send National Guard to the Border?

    Because You Asked: Rep. Trent Franks responds

  3. Arizona Protesters Chain Selves to Jail

    Sheriff Joe Arpaio on what lies ahead for state law enforcement in wake of judge's immigration law injunction

  4. Opponents of Arizona Law Claim Victory

    Demonstrators celebrate judge blocking controversial portions of SB 1070

  5. National Guard Leaving the Border?

    Arizona governor criticizes plan to remove troops

  6. Brewer: Not Backing Down

    Gov. Brewer vows to not give up the fight to fight illegal immigration and secure the border for Arizona

  7. How Will Primary Results Impact Immigration Debate?

    Arizona sheriffs on road ahead for border security

  8. On the Record

    Thursday, 10p/1a ET: The immigration war! Arizona has been on the firing line, now Governor Jan Brewer responds to Obama’s address on this critical issue.

  9. One Battle At a Time for Ariz. Law

    Gov. Brewer reviews court hearing to lift injunction on controversial immigration law, looks ahead to election

  10. Obama's Comments on Wisconsin Stir Controversy

    Governor suggests president stay out of state dispute

  11. Primetime Slot 1

    Primetime Slot 1

  12. On the Record

    Thursday, 10p/1a ET: Brewer Fires Back! What’s her plan to get the government's immigration lawsuit shot down? Governor Jan Brewer opens up on the legal battle.

  1. No Proof of Citizenship Necessary

    Ariz. Gov . Jan Brewer on court ruling that tossed proof of citizenship mandate for registration to vote

  2. Showdown Over Arizona Immigration Law

    Controversial law reaches federal appeals court

  3. Ariz. Attorney General's Take: Immigration Law Ruling

    Terry Goddard, Brewer's gubernatorial rival, responds to injunction, legal battles ahead and reports of possible amnesty for illegals

  4. Round 2 and Beyond for Gov. Brewer and Arizona

    Jan Brewer mulls her legal options in appealing a judge's ruling on Arizona's immigration law

  5. Inside Arizona's Legal Battle

    What's the state's best strategy to battle SB 1070 ruling?

  6. Arizona Lawmakers Won't Alter Immigration Law

    State legislators decide not to tweak portions of controversial immigration measure

  7. McCain's Take on Case Against Arizona

    Senator breaks down implications of DOJ lawsuit

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