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Hoosier State Showdown

After 40 years as a red state, Indiana is now split so evenly its largest newspaper did not endorse either McCain or Obama

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  1. Earthquake Hits Indiana

    Early morning quake rattles town

  2. Security Tightened After Attack

    Extra parole required after Indiana University student is raped

  3. Focus on Middle Class

    Indiana Senator Even Bayh defends Obama's tax plan

  4. Straight, No Chaser

    A cappella group performs holiday favorite

  5. Killer on the Loose

    Indiana police: Escaped convicted killer spotted in Michigan

  6. Gov. Mitch Daniels on 'FNS'

    Indiana's governor on possible GOP presidential contenders

  7. 12 in 2012: Mitch Daniels

    Indiana's Republican governor has growing reputation as a hard-nosed budget chopper

  8. Governor Regrets?

    Wis. Gov. Scott Walker speaks out on signing divisive collective bargaining stripping bill into law

  9. Tough 'Belt-Tightening' Measures Proposed in Indiana

    Governor's plan to balance state's budget without raising taxes

  10. Federal Return

    Bank that partied hardy with billion-dollar bailout gives back money

  11. Should Students Carry Guns on Campus?

    Nine states considering measures allowing guns on school grounds

  12. Does Universe Exist Inside Black Hole?

    Scientist: Hidden universe could exist inside every black hole

  1. Dem Flight in Indiana

    Author of union bill in 'Hoosier State' has message for Dems who have chosen to flee instead of voting

  2. All Eyes on Indiana

    Karl Rove says Hoosier State will be important early indicator in presidential election

  3. Budget Tensions Rise in Indiana

    GOP raises fines on Democrats who left in protest

  4. Rare Earthquake Hits Central Indiana

    Morning quake rattles residents outside Indianapolis

  5. Fight Over Unions Reaches Indiana

    State Democrats flee to avoid vote on anti-union bill

  6. Indiana Democrat Running Against Pelosi?

    Democratic candidate launches attack ads against party leader

  7. Indianapolis Senate Race

    Former GOP senator and Dem congressman vie for seat vacated by Evan Bayh

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