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Immigration Reform

Will Bipartisan Effort Impact Immigration Reform ?

Senate passes critical border security package

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  1. GOP-Controlled House to Tackle Major Issues

    Sen. Rick Santorum on Republicans' plans in 2011

  2. What's Behind Obama's Rising Poll Numbers?

    Laura Ingraham analyzes president's positive polling

  3. A New Voice in 2012?

    Former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson (R) talks with Alan about how his unconventional views will affect his political future.

  4. Latest Case of Violence in Mexico

    How can the U.S. help to contain Mexico's drug violence?

  5. State of the Union: Mix and Mingle

    Sen. Udall on breaking seating partisan tradition

  6. States Joining Forces to Block 14th Amendment

    Some states looking to deny birthright citizenship

  7. Closing Argument: Tim Kaine

    Bret Baier's uncut interview with DNC chair

  8. Can Federal Auditors Stop Illegal Immigration?

    Former INS agent responds to new administration initiative

  9. Congressional Gridlock or Bipartisanship in 2011?

    Will new Congress get anything done?

  10. ICE Shooting Death: An Inevitable Tragedy

    Is ICE agent's shooting death a wakeup call for U.S. officials on border security and drug violence in Mexico?

  11. Citizenship for Wife of Convicted Murderer?

    Illegal immigrant wants to stay near her husband

  12. What Went Wrong?

    Rep. Alan Grayson (D-FL) joins Alan to discuss his failure to get re-elected and the state of the Democratic party.

  1. Border Battle

    Congress gears up for another shot at the hotly debated topic of immigration reform

  2. Do Memos Point to Amnesty Plan?

    Robert Gibbs on immigration reform , jobs

  3. Immigration Law Legal Quagmire?

    Phoenix mayor predicted court battles over Arizona SB-1070 as border security and immigration reform remain elusive

  4. Attorneys General Roundtable on 'Fox & Friends'

    Top justice officials from Virginia, Michigan and Florida talk health care, immigration reform

  5. Authorities Close Makeshift 'Maternity House'

    Uncovering underground birthing industry

  6. Obama: 'Season of Progress for Americans'

    President holds year-end press conference

  7. Obama's Strategy For Dealing With The New Congress

    President Obama's goals and best strategies for dealing with the new Congress

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