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Human Rights Watch

Giving President Credit for Averting Humanitarian Crisis

Amid Criticism, some praise Obama's actions in Libya

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  1. Iranian Lawmakers Call for Execution of Opposition Leaders

    Anti-government protests growing increasingly violent

  2. Chaos in the Streets of Bahrain

    Report: Soldiers fire into crowds of protesters

  3. Maternity Leave: To Pay or Not to Pay?

    Report: U.S. behind most countries when it comes to paid leave for new moms

  4. China's Human Rights Violations a Factor?

    Activists protest Chinese president's visit to U.S.

  5. Code Pink Co-Founder Slams Libya Intervention

    Medea Benjamin speaks out against Obama's actions

  6. Striking Video

    Israel hits targets in Gaza as Hamas fires more rockets

  7. Defcon3 8/21

    Three questions for Obama: What is our goal in Afghanistan, who are we fighting and who are we supporting?