Harry Reid

GOP Candidate Hopes to Unseat Reid

Sue Lowden on Tuesday primary fight to face Senate majority leader in November election

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  1. Talking Points: 9/26

    Who's really looking out for you?

  2. Hannity's America: 6/22

    Bias reaches new heights at The New York Times

  3. Harry Reid's Social Security Stunner

    Senate majority leader wants to exclude entitlement from deficit talks

  4. Harry Reid Attacking Hispanics?

    Senate majority leader makes controversial comment about political affiliation of minority

  5. Curious Connection

    Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid links health care reform and slavery

  6. Hispanic Republican Responds to Reid

    Brian Sandoval running against Harry Reid's son

  7. Crazy Comparison?

    Senator Hutchinson reacts to Harry Reid likening health care opponents to slavery supporters

  8. Poll: Angle Pulls Ahead of Reid

    Republican takes slight lead in Nevada Senate race

  9. Reid Breaks With Obama Over Mosque

    Senate majority leader says proposed Ground Zero Islamic center should be built elsewhere

  10. Sharron Angle on 'Hannity'

    Tea Party favorite leads Harry Reid in polls

  11. Harry Reid's Immigration Flip-Flop

    Video surfaces of Nevada senator opposing citizenship for anchor babies

  12. Internal Rift?

    Awkward body language suggests differences between Pelosi and Reid

  1. 'Big Vote for Harry Reid'

    Senate will have test vote on health care reform

  2. Pence: Senate Dems 'Out of Touch' on Spending

    GOP congressman responds to Sen. Reid defending government spending

  3. Fears Mount Over National Debt Crisis

    Sen. DeMint on whether parties are ready to tackle deficit problem

  4. Congress Faces Another Budget Deadline

    Can lawmakers prevent government shutdown?

  5. Losing His Cool?

    Newt Gingrich discusses report that drilling debate sparks angry outburst by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid

  6. Hannity's America: 1/14

    Obama's gay marriage flip-flop

  7. Hispanics Fire Back at Harry Reid

    Dr. Manny Alvarez speaks out against Senate majority leader's controversial comments about voters of Hispanic descent

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