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Georgia Primary Offers Fireworks For Political Observers

Two of the most polarizing figures in Georgia politics go before the voters in primary elections Tuesday: former Christian Coalition leader Ralph Reed and Cynthia McKinney , the firebrand congresswoman who scuffled recently with a Capitol Hill police officer.Reed, the boyish-looking former head of Georgia's Republican Party, is running for the GOP nomination for lieutenant governor in his first bid for elective office. His campaign has been bedeviled by his ties to disgraced Washington lobbyist Jack Abramoff.And far across the political aisle is McKinney, a Democrat seeking a seventh term. Her scuffle seems to have only bolstered her standing with core supporters.Neighboring Alabama is holding a runoff Tuesday, with George Wallace Jr. seeking the Republican nomination for lieutenant governor.Click here to read more in the You Decide 2006 Content Center .In Georgia, voters also will decide which Democrat will take on Republican Gov. Sonny Perdue in November. Secretary of State Cathy Cox...

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    Charlie Hurt: U.S. ambassador a 'strange pick' for national security adviser

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    House Republicans not satisfied with DOJ explanation of attorney general's testimony on 'prosecution of the press,' may seek subpoena if he doesn't meet Wednesday deadline

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    Libyan national and Georgia congressman react to conflict in Libya

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    Democratic lawmakers on Capitol Hill called the fatal shooting of Trayvon Martin a "murder" and the result of racial profiling, as they hosted the black teen's paren...

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  1. Former Christian Coalition Leader Reed Concedes in Primary for Georgia Lieutenant Governor

    Former Christian Coalition leader Ralph Reed , unable to overcome his ties to disgraced lobbyist Jack Abramoff , conceded defeat Tuesday in Georgia's Republican race...

  2. Google Glass privacy concerns worry lawmakers

    Eight members of Congress on Thursday asked Google Chief Executive Larry Page to give assurances about privacy safeguards for the company's high-profile Google Glass...

  3. Fiery rhetoric in Trayvon Martin tragedy

    This is a rush transcript from "Special Report," March 27, 2012. This copy may not be in its final form and may be updated.[fnvideo 1533141287001](BEGIN VIDEO CLIP)T...

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    The news that is not White House approved...A Closer LookAmid the health care law's thousands of pages are provisions that haven't gotten much attention but may affe...

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    Democrat upset with congressional priorites, helium

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    The Architect: This is the definition of what a lie is

  7. Rep. Sensenbrenner on potential perjury charges for Holder

    House Judiciary Committee member speaks out

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