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Deval Patrick

Tight Race for Massachusetts Governor

President Obama campaigns Saturday for Democrat Deval Patrick

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  1. Massachusetts in Play for GOP?

    Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney on fight for Barney Frank’s seat

  2. Health Care Reform

    Closest thing to universal U.S. coverage is in Massachusetts but there have been some unexpected glitches

  3. America's Voices

    Talk radio hosts sound of on medical liability and more

  4. Unequal Treatment for All?

    Why are feds bailing out some big-name companies but not others?

  5. Tight Race Shaping Up in Massachusetts

    Charlie Baker campaigns for governor of Massachusetts

  6. Demanding Answers

    'The Factor' confronts four negligent governors

  7. Helpful or Hurtful?

    Analysis of how Jesse Jackson's crude remark will affect Barack Obama's campaign

  8. Pet Gadgets

    The latest and greatest for your favorite four-legged friends

  9. 'Bringing People Together'

    Reaction to President-elect Obama's nomination of Tim Kaine to head DNC

  10. Clean Sweep?

    Rep. Kirk: We need to 'wipe out' Illinois governor by end of next week

  11. Bye-Bye Blago?

    Illinois House votes to impeach Blagojevich. What's next for the embattled governor?

  12. Massachusetts Lawmakers Taking Pay Cut

    State constitution mandates politicians' salaries based on average of all Bay State residents

  1. 37 States to Decide Governors

    Why the outcome of state voting could bring big changes to the national stage

  2. Massachusetts Gubernatorial Race Tightens Up

    New poll shows incumbent Gov . Deval Patrick in statistical tie with GOP challenger Charlie Baker

  3. State Spends Millions on Health Care for Illegals

    Massachusetts taxpayers hit hard for illegal immigrants' medical treatments

  4. Reality Check

    O'Reilly sets the record straight about claims he receives White House talking points

  5. Take Two?

    Obama administration issues clarification about prospects for a second stimulus package

  6. Tight Race in Massachusetts Has National Implications

    Bay State gubernatorial race too close to call

  7. Blue States in Danger of Turning Red

    Midterm races once considered safe for Democrats now in play for Republicans