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Scott Walker

Gov . Scott Walker on 'Fox & Friends'

Wisconsin governor on budget battle

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  1. Declaration of War on Public Unions?

    Wis. Gov . Scott walker explains plan to balance state budget and why National Guard is on standby for angry union workers

  2. Gov . Scott Walker on Mob Scene in Madison, Panel 2

    Wisconsin governor on rowdy protesters, budget vote

  3. Wallace Unplugged: Gov . Scott Walker

    WI Governor on unions and their power

  4. Taking a Stance

    Wisconsin State Sen. Bob Jauch talks with Alan about his fight against Gov . Scott Walker's anti-union bill

  5. Caller on Wisconsin Teachers: "Fire Them All"

    "Amy From Kansas" supports Wisconsin Gov . Scott Walker and his fight against the state's employees

  6. AWOL Wis. Democrat Speaks Out

    Wisconsin State Sen. Lena Taylor on why she and 13 other Democrats left instead of voting on Gov . Scott Walker's budget proposal.

  7. Wisconsin Union Workers Defend Collective Bargaining

    Protesters in Madison will not make concessions for bill

  8. This Week On Fox News Sunday: 02/20/11

    The battle over spending in Wisconsin

  9. Bret Baier Prepares for 'Special Report'

    Bret prepares show as breaking news comes in from Afghanistan

  10. Uncut: Rep. Paul Ryan 'On the Record'

    Chairman of House Budget Committee takes on Wisconsin union protests, cutting government spending and Obama's 'disappointing' budget plan

  11. Wisconsin Teachers Lead Students in Anti-Walker Chants

    Are they indoctrinating their pupils?

  12. Anger Boils Over in Wisconsin

    Republican State Senator Leah Vukmir recalls how budget bill protesters shut down a town hall

  1. Gov . Scott Walker on 'Fox News Sunday'

    Wisconsin governor on budget battle

  2. Gov . Scott Walker on Mob Scene in Madison, Part 1

    Wisconsin governor on rowdy protesters, budget vote

  3. Did Gov . Scott Walker Win Wisconsin Union Battle?

    Panel on collective bargaining outcome

  4. Can Wisconsin Move Forward?

    Gov . Scott Walker responds

  5. Judge Temporarily Blocks Wisconsin Labor Law

    Setback for Republican Gov . Scott Walker

  6. Wis. Governor Versus Unions

    Gov . Scott Walker speaks out on massive union teacher protests, AWOL Dems, school shutdowns and the need to cut spending in Wisconsin

  7. Governor Regrets?

    Wis. Gov . Scott Walker speaks out on signing divisive collective bargaining stripping bill into law

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