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Gloria Allred

'Saturday Night Live' Lampoons Gloria Allred

Ann Coulter on 'SNL' taking aim at liberal activist attorney

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  1. October Surprise for Meg Whitman

    Legal, political implications of California bombshell

  2. Is Left-Wing Media Turning Against Liberals?

    Bernie Goldberg analyzes press' surprising shift

  3. Whitman: Victim of a Political Assassination?

    Laura Ingraham dissects suspicious illegal worker allegations against GOP gubernatorial candidate

  4. Be Quick About It!

    Listeners have their say in one sentence or less.

  5. Whitman's Housekeeper Woes

    Candidate's housekeeper brings illegal immigration to forefront of debate

  6. Gingrich's 'Closing Arguments'

    Former House Speaker has advice for GOP candidates in the final weeks before midterms

  7. Meg Whitman on Housekeeper's Charges

    CA gubernatorial candidate speaks out

  8. 'He Was Snoring'

    Tiger Woods' neighbor describes scene in police interview

  9. Meg Whitman Refutes Allegations by Former Housekeeper

    California gubernatorial candidate responds to maid's claims

  10. Sex Scandals in Politics Today

    Do sex scandals hold as much weight in elections as in the past?

  11. 'We're All Flawed'

    Geraldo exclusive: Peter Cook on bitter Brinkley divorce battle, settlement and future plans

  12. Criminal Illegal Immigrants Not Welcome

    ICE director John Morton on what was behind announcing the crackdown on illegals with criminal records

  1. Gloria Allred Cries Foul on Obama

    Famed attorney claims that Obama campaign cheated to win primary election

  2. Gloria Allred Refutes Smear Charge

    Denies collaboration w/ Brown campaign

  3. Gloria Allred Refutes Smear Charge

    Denies collaboration with Jerry Brown's campaign for California governor

  4. Greta vs. Gloria, Round 2

    Gloria Allred returns to make her case in controversy surrounding gubernatorial candidate Whitman and her illegal immigrant housekeeper

  5. Whitman Scandal: 'Smoking Gun' or Dirty Politics?

    Attorney Gloria Allred defends illegal worker hiring allegations against GOP Calif. gubernatorial candidate

  6. Going Hungry for Equal Rights

    Well-known discrimination attorney Gloria Allred explains her new mission

  7. Charlie Sheen Dodges Jail Time

    Attorney Gloria Allred on whether the actor is getting 'celebrity justice' after pleading guilty to assaulting wife

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