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George Mitchell

Roger Clemens Indicted on Federal Charges

Former MLB pitcher accused of lying to Congress about use of steroids

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  1. Madeleine Albright

    Part 2: Former secretary of state on how she'd advise Obama on Afghanistan

  2. Presidential Missteps

    Is Obama's inexperience hurting America?

  3. Jetlag or Jealousy?

    Secretary Clinton snaps in Congo

  4. Israel, Palestinians Back at Bargaining Table

    Victory for White House Mideast peace efforts as both sides agree to meet in Washington

  5. Eventful Day for Middle East

    All-Star panel responds to jumpstart of peace talks and Iran's nuclear progress

  6. Israel, Palestine Agree To Peace Talks

    First phase of peace summit to take place in Washington D.C

  7. Fears Mount Over National Debt Crisis

    Sen. DeMint on whether parties are ready to tackle deficit problem

  8. Question Time, Part 1

    President Obama on health of U.S. economy, administration's approach to Iran, importance of bipartisanship

  9. Roger Clemens Indicted

    Former Major League pitcher indicted on charges of lying to Congress

  1. Libya According to Newt

    Gingrich attempts to clarify stance on Libya, calls Obama's strategy confused

  2. Breakdown in Mideast Peace Talks

    Palestinians: Israel has choice between settlements and peace

  3. Last Leg of Peace Talks?

    Israeli, Palestinian negotiations reach a stalemate

  4. My Word: 12/13
  5. Line of Fire

    FOX News crew hit with rocks in East Jerusalem

  6. 'Day of Rage'

    FOX News Channel's Mike Tobin and crew caught in Jerusalem violence

  7. Bob Dole

    Former presidential candidate speaks out on health care reform and stirs up the GOP