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Fred Thompson

Fred Thompson

Former GOP hopeful on Obama's first general election ad, Supreme Court's 'supreme error'

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  1. Thompson's Take on Political Landscape

    Former presidential candidate weighs in on Obama administration

  2. 'Team Sarah'

    Wife of former presidential candidate Fred Thompson on importance of Palin in the presidential race

  3. Fox News Flash: Fox & Friends Edition


  4. Thompsons on Obama's Speech Focus

    Fred and Jeri Thompson on the president changing the topic of his State of the Union address from health care to jobs and cutting spending

  5. Politics Over Protection?

    Obama administration's terror policies raise serious questions about nation's safety

  6. Election '08: Candidate Cocktails

    Is political season driving you to drink? Find out how voters are shaking things up at the polls!

  7. Transition Tensions?

    Obama's U.N. ambassador pick wants separate transition team inside State Department

  8. Team Sarah

    Jeri Thompson and group of Gov. Palin supporters attempt to call 1 million women in battleground states

  9. Tennessee Titans

    Fred Thompson weighs in after presidential hopefuls clash in Nashville

  10. Democrat Wants Decreased Budget

    Senator Evan Bayh wants more drastic measures than Obama's expected call for a partial three-year spending freeze

  11. Grace Under Fire?

    Jeri Thompson on Patricia Blagojevich's handling of scandal

  1. Fred Thompson

    Former presidential candidate reacts to Obama's police presser, health care reform, economy

  2. Fred Thompson

    Part 2 of the former presidential candidate on 'H&C'

  3. 'If She Screws Up Half as Much as Biden'

    Former Senator Fred Thompson says Governor Sarah Palin is qualified to be Vice President

  4. GOP to Rein-In Tea Party Election Winners?

    Fred Thompson on whether Republicans will crash Tea Party's party

  5. Exclusive Interview

    Former presidential candidate Fred Thompson talks about his Web video that takes aim at all the spending on Capitol Hill

  6. Sounding the Alarm on Ending Tax Cuts

    Fred Thompson explains how letting the Bush tax cuts expire would burden American families

  7. Tone-Deaf, AWOL President?

    Obama's leadership style comes under fire during budget battle, crises in Japan and Libya