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Filibuster -Proof

Key races that could garner Democrats 60 seats in the Senate

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  1. Headed to Washington

    How does Al Franken's victory shape the Senate?

  2. Color Change?

    Polls suggest traditional 'red states' could be turning 'blue'

  3. Blagojevich Filibuster

    Illinois governor delivers rambling defense of himself and his administration as he moves one step closer to being removed from office

  4. Challenges Facing 112th Congress

    What are some of the main issues new lawmakers have to tackle?

  5. Sens. Kyl, Durbin on 'FNS'

    Key senators talk 'don't ask, don't tell,' START

  6. Will Congress Pass a Budget?

    Rep. McDermott on Democratic lawmakers' promise to keep passing extensions unless GOP compromises

  7. President Obama Losing Support

    Should the president be more involved in the current budget negotiations?

  8. Quake Blow to Future of U.S. Nuclear Power?

    Sen. Mitch McConnell responds

  9. Chris Wallace: This Is Going To Be Fun!

    'Fox News Sunday' host and Tom discuss what fights lay ahead in Congress after the midterms!

  10. Off Again, On Again

    After much back and forth, Iranian president sits down with Fox News

  11. Gov. Pawlenty on Major Minnesota Flooding

    Clean-up operations following last week's heavy rainfall

  12. Georgia Boy Saves Library

    Petition, appeal to board keeps library open after budget cuts threatens to close it

  1. Sen. Brown's Sex Abuse Revelation, Part 2

    Massachusetts senator opens up in new memoir

  2. The Road Ahead

    Democrats prepare for tougher battle after victory in first crucial vote on health care bill

  3. Debate Over Future of Reform

    Pelosi predicts House could pass Senate health care bill

  4. GOP Blocks Campaign Disclosure Bill

    Failure of finance reform could be another blow to Democrats' midterm momentum

  5. 'Enormously Harmful'

    Sen. Kyl hopes Democrats will listen to their constituents and vote down health care bill

  6. Impact of Scott Brown's Early Arrival

    Senator-elect to be sworn in ahead of crucial votes

  7. Tipping Point?

    Will Al Franken's election make a difference to health care plan?

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