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Federal Aviation Administration


FAA computer glitch causes nationwide travel delays

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  1. FAA Panel Protests Airline Safety Law

    Will new law make air travel safer?

  2. Accident Waiting to Happen

    Was midair collision over Hudson River inevitable?

  3. Crash Test Center

    New technology could help plane passengers survive crashes

  4. Scary Skies

    Should pilots nap during flights?

  5. Frightening Findings

    FAA : Airline used towels instead of caps to cover engine openings

  6. Airspace Overhaul

    New rules in effect after deadly crash over Hudson River

  7. Across America: Traffic Stop Gone Wrong

    Dashcam catches near-tragic accident outside of Atlanta

  8. Flight 1549 Follow-Up

    NTSB is looking for engines that detached from plane, will retrieve all video evidence up and down Hudson River

  9. FAA Probes Report of Sleeping Air Traffic Controller

    What happened in control tower at Reagan National Airport ?

  10. FAA Already Issuing New Regulations

    Comes after controller fell asleep on shift

  11. Removed From Duty

    FAA suspends 2 employees after Hudson River collision

  12. Air Traffic Controller Sleeping at Reagan National?

    How could this happen at major airport ?

  1. Is Proper Maintenance a Priority for Airlines ?

    Investigation reveals more than 65,000 planes have taken off without repairs

  2. Across America: Fatal Plane Crash in South Carolina

    Single-engine plane overshoots runway, crashes into RV, killing 2

  3. Planes Almost Collide in Central Florida

    Air traffic controller suspended following a close call

  4. Midday Market Report: 2/15

    Modest rise in retail sales

  5. It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s a Drone?

    By 2013 unmanned aerial drones may fly over neighborhoods across America

  6. Across America: SUV Plows Into Flower Shop

    Truck slams through front of florist in Phoenix

  7. Aerial Drones Patrolling U.S. Cities

    Police departments upgrade technology to fight the war on terror

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