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Faisal Shahzad

Faisal Shahzad Gets Life in Prison

Sentenced for failed Times Square plot

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  1. Shahzad Sought More Targets?

    Rpt: Bomb plotter eyed other NYC sites

  2. News of New Terror Threat

    All-Star panel responds to information said to have U.S. intelligence agencies in a panic

  3. Did America Overreact to 9/11?

    Panel explains why Fareed Zakaria's argument is wrong

  4. The Journal Editorial Report 9/11

    Is the president's new tax strategy enough to change the debate heading into November?

  5. New Controversy Surrounds '60s Radical

    Bid to grant professor emeritus status to Bill Ayers under fire

  6. U.S.-Europe Terror Threat Connection

    Homeland Security, FBI cite previous small-scale attacks as part of emerging picture

  7. 3 Arrested in Times Sq. Plot

    New details in terror investigation

  8. Diplomats Targeted in Yemen Rocket Attack

    Britain's number two diplomat comes under fire

  9. Sharpton Speaks Out Against Radicalization Hearings Part 1

    Reverend argues Muslims are being targeted based on religion

  10. Rep. King Makes Opening Statement in Muslim Hearing

    Congressman defends need for investigation into homegrown radicalization of Muslim-Americans

  1. Pakistan Nabs Times Square Suspects

    Focus on financing of car bomb plot

  2. Times Square Suspect's Training Ground

    A look at North Waziristan, where Faisal Shahzad is believed to have been instructed on terror

  3. Times Square Bomber Gets Life

    Faisal Shahzad sentenced after pleading guilty to 10 terrorism and weapons charges

  4. New Terror Plot From Pakistan Taliban?

    Intelligence suggests a new operation may have been launched to make up for failed Times Square bombing

  5. Test Shows Potential Impact of Failed NYC Bomb

    Feds demonstrate what could have happened in heart of Times Square had bomb been successful

  6. Shahzad Sought More Targets?

    Report: Alleged Times Square plotter eyed other sites in NYC area

  7. Shahzad Arraigned on Terror Charges

    Accused Times Square bomber makes first court appearance; ordered held without bail