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Nonpartisan group tries to separate campaign fact from fiction

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  1. Report: Half of Americans Have Preexisting Health Conditions

    Dr. Manny fact checks new HHS report

  2. Chaos in Middle East Means High Cost for Oil

    Unrest causes dramatic rise in gas prices

  3. Will 'Birther' Debate End?

    Hawaiian governor wants to put president's birth debate to rest

  4. Foreign Policy Showdown

    Obama camp reacts to Ole Miss face-off

  5. Grayson's Opponent Hits Back

    Daniel Webster bashes 'Taliban Dan' ad, makes case for his congressional candidacy

  6. More Cheerleading?

    What can we expect from press coverage of health care debate?

  7. Fighting Back

    Can Sarah Palin sue blogger, media outlets?

  8. Reality Check

    How does Obama plan to pay for his promise of affordable health care?

  9. Gun Battle

    Critic attacks NRA ads that blast Obama's record

  10. Blue-Ribbon Panel

    'FOX News Sunday' gets straight answers on health care's critical questions

  11. Creative Block?

    Is Hollywood running out of new ideas for movies?

  12. Greg-alogue: 10/7

    CNN's snit about 'SNL' skit

  1. Health Care Fact Check

    FOX News breaks down health care reform claims

  2. Fact Check

    Debunking health care myths

  3. Fact Check

    Karl Rove breaks down key numbers in health care reform debate

  4. Truth Watch

    Fact checking President Obama's words

  5. Proud to Be a Democrat?

    Fact checking Arizona Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick

  6. Media Target?

    AP assigns 11 reporters to fact check Sarah Palin's book

  7. Town Hall Test

    Fact checking Obama's town hall event

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