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Eliot Spitzer

'Appreciate Eliot Spitzer'

'Studio B' legal eagles agree for first time as they sound off on Blagojevich

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  1. eBay's Most Wanted

    Auction site's biggest sellers in 2008

  2. Jumped the Gun?

    Has Patrick Fitzgerald jeopardized his case against Blagojevich?

  3. No Laughing Matter

    Sex extortion scandal rocks David Letterman, CBS

  4. Gayle Haggard on Standing By Husband

    Part 1: 'Why I Stayed' author on remaining married to her Evangelical husband after he was caught with a male prostitute

  5. Loose Lips Sink Ships

    CEO tells workers they'll lose their job if they gossip

  6. Cheating Company

    Eliot Spitzer claims he's not like Mark Sanford

  7. 'Myth of Moral Superiority'

    Paul Begala sounds off on Republican Party

  8. Tough Times

    More women turning to prostitution in bad economy

  9. Funnyman Free Pass?

    Bernie Goldberg on media coverage of Letterman scandal

  10. Resume Conflict

    Did Richard Blumenthal mispeak or mislead Connecticut voters?

  11. Behind the Break, #2

    Our panel has more to say about 'the death of shame' in our society

  12. Political Pattern

    Politicians who stray seek forgiveness in public

  1. Sex Scandals in Politics Today

    Do sex scandals hold as much weight in elections as in the past?

  2. Tuesday's Halftime Report

    Andy Levy puts the 'ombudsman' in 'Red Eye' ombudsman

  3. The Journal Editorial Report 9/25

    Is 'The Pledge to America' a campaign gimmick or guide to governing?

  4. Gutfeld: Guess the Predictable Palin Punch Line

    Introducing a fun new game right up CNN's alley

  5. Exclusive: Time Warner CEO on TV's Future in Digital Age

    Jeffrey Bewkes: Networks will win digital battle

  6. Huckabee: Causing a Stir

    Busy week for 'A Simple Government'

  7. Manhattan Project

    Sex, drugs, scandal inside successful prostitution ring

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