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Drug Enforcement Administration

Exclusive: DEA's War Room

Fox News goes inside the DEA's command center as it launches its response to the shootings of two ICE agents

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  1. DEA Seizes Execution Drug

    Georgia department of corrections receives illegal drugs?

  2. Let's Make a Deal?

    Report: Mary Kate Olsen asks for immunity before she will talk about Heath Ledger

  3. War on Prescription Drugs

    Obama's drug 'czar' calls for crackdown on prescription pill mills

  4. Eric Holder To Fight Against Marijuana

    Attorney General to enforce federal marijuana laws if Prop 19 is passed in California

  5. Freedom Watch: 8/19

    Part 3 of 4

  6. Mexico Under Siege

    Call for more troops to help curb cartel violence

  7. 'October Surprise'

    How serious is U.S. intelligence's warning of an Al Qaeda attack?

  8. ’Merchant of Death’ Appears in Court

    Former Soviet military officer Viktor Bout makes second appearance in court on charges that he offered to sell weapons to terrorists

  9. Clinton's Controversial Statement on Mexico

    Hillary Clinton likens Mexico to Colombia in the 1980s

  10. War Against Narco-Terror

    Oliver North's exclusive report on Colombian terrorists responsible for holding Americans captive

  11. Alleged Emissary

    Report: Key figure in Blagojevich scandal seeks immunity

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  1. Inside the DEA's War Against Mexican Cartels

    Griff Jenkins goes to a secret location to get the inside story on the drug wars being fought across our U.S. borders

  2. Death Probe

    Jackson funeral plans unclear as DEA joins investigation

  3. Body of Kidnapped Mexican Mayor Found

    Fmr. DEA chief weighs in on violence

  4. Price Tag of War on Drugs

    U.S., Mexico economies at stake in border battle

  5. The Politics of Pot

    California unions support effort to legalize marijuana

  6. Unethical Treatment

    Geraldo Rivera and panel on often abusive relationships between doctors and celebrities

  7. Car Bomb Explodes Outside Mexican TV Station

    Drug cartels suspected in attack

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