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Dino Rossi

Dino Rossi vs. Patty Murray

GOP candidate faces long-time Senate Democrat in tight race in Washington

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  1. AK, WA Senate Races Still Undecided

    No clear winner in either contest

  2. Last One Out, Turn Off the Lights

    William La Jeunesse soldiers on as lights go out at Washington Senate race rally

  3. Final Push: Rossi vs. Murray

    Can GOP hopeful seal the deal?

  4. Washington State Senate Campaign Heats Up

    Dino Rossi looking to unseat incumbent Democrat Patty Murphy from Washington Senate seat

  5. India Prepares for Epic Obama Entourage

    President under fire for trip to India, including the cost to taxpayers

  6. Last-Minute Campaigning for Midterm Election Votes

    Candidates wrap up campaigns searching for more votes

  7. Senator Praised Bin Laden After 9/11

    Past comments from Washington Democrat Patty Murray coming back to haunt her

  8. Murray vs. Rossi

    Candidates take differing approaches to tough fight for Washington Senate seat

  9. U.S. Senate Candidates Battle it Out

    Series of television debates held around the country

  10. Obama on 'The Daily Show': The Grades Are In

    Did Obama's sitdown with Jon Stewart prove he's losing support in his base?

  11. Murray, Rossi in Dead Heat

    Washington Senate race going down to the wire

  12. Fight for Control of the Senate

    GOP faces lengthening odds

  1. Dino Rossi Attack Ad On Patty Murray

    Campaign ad claims Patty Murray lost jobs for Washington state

  2. Dino Rossi for U.S. Senate Ad

    Politician's ad for U.S. Senate

  3. On the Campaign Trail: Dino Rossi

    Greta's front-and-center at campaign event for GOP Senate candidate

  4. On the Campaign Trail: Dino Rossi's Campaign

    Greta goes behind the scenes in the GOP Senate candidate's campaign and interviews his older sister

  5. No Clear Winner in Washington Senate Contest

    Patty Murray holds on to small lead against Dino Rossi

  6. Patty Murray 'Airbus' Ad: 'Dino Doesn't Get It'

    Democratic Senator Patty Murray releases ad against challenger Dino Rossi

  7. Rossi-Murray Debate

    Washington Senate candidates spar over Bush tax cuts, government’s role

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