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Declaration of Independence

Beck: Republic vs. Democracy

What did our Founders truly intend for our system of government?

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  1. Beck: Divine Providence vs. Manifest Destiny

    Has America strayed from our Founders' vision?

  2. Beck: Now Obama Cares About Religious Freedom?

    His administration has a funny way of showing it

  3. Beck: Constitutionally Speaking

    How do you like your Constitution?

  4. American Muslim Leader on Plan for Mosque Near Ground Zero

    Group says President Obama is wrong on mosque issue

  5. Republican Response to State of the Union

    Rep. Paul Ryan stresses need to 'restrain federal spending'

  6. Beck: Day of Rage for America?

    Look who's trying to organize America's youth

  7. Update on Ground Zero Mosque

    The latest developments on the plan to build a mosque near 9/11 site

  8. Beck Appeal

    Glenn Beck reflects on the ongoing fallout from his 'Restoring Honor' rally

  9. Judge Napolitano's History of Liberty, Part 1

    Judge Napolitano looks at the original Tea Party for Fox Nation

  10. U.S. One of Worst Human Rights Offenders?

    White House submits historic report to U.N.

  11. Piles of Paper

    Does the 1,018-page health care bill show what's wrong with Congress?

  12. Crowning Achievement

    Lady Liberty's crown opens to public once again

  1. Voters' View on Federal Government

    How will current public opinion impact this year's midterm elections?

  2. Mosque Debate Shines Spotlight on Sharia Law

    Closer look sacred law advocated by imam behind Ground Zero Islamic center

  3. Exclusive: Daniel Hannan's New Book

    Member of European Parliament warns America is on path to European-style socialism

  4. Protesters Descend on Proposed Mosque Site

    Tempers flare at Ground Zero as opponents gather to voice opposition to plan

  5. Herman Cain Defends Controversial 'Muslim' Comments

    Potential GOP presidential candidate on firestorm over his statement

  6. Do Opponents of Health Care Overhaul Have a Case?

    Judge Napolitano on arguments against health care law

  7. Press Missing Point of Ground Zero Mosque Battle?

    Media gravitates to impassioned arguments surrounding both sides of issue

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