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David Paterson

Clinton Successor

Panel previews Governor Paterson's decision about who will fill the New York Senate seat

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  1. Struggle for the Senate

    What will it take for Caroline Kennedy to become a New York senator?

  2. FOX News Exclusive

    Part 1: Donald Trump dishes on New York state raising taxes and a possible auto bailout

  3. Mosque Concerns Continue to Grow

    Muslim professor explains why he's against building mosque near Ground Zero

  4. Less Is More?

    Caroline Kennedy refusing to release personal information in bid for Senate seat

  5. Hannity's America: 9/23

    Has Michael Moore finally seen the light?

  6. Going Broke?

    Beck breaks down roots of New York's budget crisis

  7. Senator Kennedy?

    Caroline Kennedy's credentials questioned in bid for Hillary Clinton's Senate seat

  8. King Applauds Paterson's Mosque Efforts

    New York lawmaker credits governor for working to relocate Ground Zero Islamic enter

  9. N.Y. Governor Commutes Convicted Killer's Sentence

    Man convicted of killing teen in racially charged crime released from prison

  10. Reflections From Rudy Giuliani

    Former mayor led New York City through darkest hour

  11. Qualified Candidate?

    Panel weighs in on Caroline Kennedy seeking New York Senate seat

  12. Hold Your Horses

    Democratic resistance growing to Caroline Kennedy Senate seat appointment

  1. Gov. Paterson Lobbies to Move Mosque

    New York Gov. Paterson to discuss alternate locations with imam

  2. Giuliani Talks Ground Zero Mosque

    Former NYC mayor sounds off on controversy

  3. Can Archbishop Ease Mosque Tensions?

    N.Y. governor set to sit down with NYC archbishop in effort to calm anger over Islamic center

  4. Obama's Second thoughts on Mosque

    President Obama clarifies his position on World Trade Center mosque

  5. Litmus Test?

    Carolyn Kennedy announces stance on key political issues

  6. Political Ambition

    Caroline Kennedy meets with high-profile N.Y. leaders as she vies for Hillary Clinton's Senate seat

  7. State Department Defends Controversial Cleric's Mideast Mission

    Imam behind 'Ground Zero Mosque' tours Mideast on taxpayers' dime

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