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Congressional Budget Office

CBO 101

The CBO's score on the health care bill is out, but what does that mean?

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  1. Tax Hike Reversal?

    Will Obama go back on campaign promise not to raise taxes on middle class and health benefits?

  2. New Congress Eve

    What will happen in 2011 as new Congress takes over Capitol Hill?

  3. The 1.34 Trillion Dollar Forecast

    What the Congressional Budget Office's new forecast for the federal government's 2010 deficit really means

  4. Mileage Tax to Repair America's Roads?

    Rep. Tom Price on proposal to tax drivers for miles driven

  5. Already Dead?

    Did something else kill health care reform that's not the CBO ? Senator John Cornyn weighs in

  6. Sticker Shock

    CBO : Senate health care bill will hike premiums by at least 10 percent

  7. Economic Recovery Hitting Speed Bump?

    Former Senator Rick Santorum on why CBO's new deficit number is cause for worry

  8. Health Care 'Holy War'

    Sen. Orrin Hatch expects the a fever-pitched health care bill debate in Congress

  9. The Journal Editorial Report: 10/10

    Former McChrystal adviser on next step in Afghanistan

  10. Dems Keeping Tabs on GOP Agenda

    Rep. Wasserman Schultz slams 'pointless' Republican 'obsession' with repealing health care reform

  11. Blue-Ribbon Panel

    'FOX News Sunday' gets straight answers on health care's critical questions

  12. Senate Power Players

    Key senators on health care reform, Afghanistan

  1. Democrats to Challenge GOP Health Care Repeal Efforts

    CBO report says repeal will cost $143 billion

  2. CBO's Tax Cuts Recommendation

    Director of non-partisan Congressional Budget Office says Bush tax cuts should be extended permanently

  3. Deficit Lower Than Expected

    CBO numbers mark second largest budget shortfall in 65 years, despite not being as high as experts projected

  4. Economy Tanking Amid Recovery?

    Former CBO director on why administration's rosy outlook on stimulus success is dead wrong

  5. GOP Charging Ahead With Health Care Repeal

    New House majority will try to roll back Obama's biggest achievement so far

  6. Hits Keep Coming for Economy

    CBO issues latest forecast for federal deficit while job market continues to struggle

  7. Crunching the Numbers

    CBO releases estimate on price of health care reform bill in Senate

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