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Condoleezza Rice

Chaos Continues

Former Palestinian Cabinet member on Gaza air strikes sparking massive anti-Israel protests in Middle East

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  1. Condoleezza Rice

    Part 2: Secretary of State on 'H&C'

  2. Condoleezza Rice Wows the Crowd on Piano

    Former U.S. Secretary of State shares the stage with Aretha Franklin to perform for charity

  3. Condoleezza Rice on 'FNS'

    Secretary of state on origins of Mumbai attacks, U.S. response

  4. Divisive Remarks

    Rev. Al Sharpton weighs in on Jackson-Obama scandal

  5. Canary in a Mine

    Former Sec. of State Condoleezza Rice on the CA Senate and Gubernatorial races!

  6. Hatred on the Left: Disgusting Attack on Herman Cain, Part 1

    Juan Williams weighs in

  7. Rumsfeld Reflects on War in New Book

    Former defense secretary on Iraq

  8. Leadership Shuffle in North Korea?

    What do recent political changes in Asian nation mean for U.S.?

  9. KISSing and Telling

    Gene Simmons gives personal and historical take on prostitutes in new book

  10. Tensions Abroad

    'The Journal Editorial Report' breaks down challenges facing new administration in 2009

  11. 'Songs of the Bushmen'

    Harry Shearer releases new musical satire

  12. Veepstakes

    Howard Wolfson, Hillary Clinton's former communications director talks over possible V.P. candidates with Alan

  1. Letting Down the Left?

    Howard Wolfson on Obama and the Left!

  2. New Approach?

    American diplomat will sit at negotiating table with a representative from Iran for the first time since the 1970s

  3. Condoleezza Rice

    Part 1: Secretary of State comments on Ahmadinejad's 'disgraceful' speech, Iran's threat and meeting with rogue nations

  4. Condoleezza Rice's 'Memoir of a Family'

    How family, segregated South influenced Rice

  5. Condoleezza Rice in No Spin Zone

    Former secretary of state on state of the world since leaving office, new memoir

  6. Uncut: Condoleezza Rice 'On the Record'

    Former Secretary of State discusses career in Washington, her parents, new memoir and more

  7. Sneak Peek: Condoleezza Rice 'On the Record'

    Former Secretary of State discusses race and the Rev. Jeremiah Wright with Greta

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