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Commander in Chief

Eat Like a Commander in Chief

Courtney Friel cooks up some presidential dishes with a former White House chef

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  1. White House Strategy on Libya

    What is President Obama’s long-term strategy?

  2. How Does Obama Rate in Times of Crisis?

    President's response to Japan, Libya, budget battle under fire

  3. Exploratory Committee for Pawlenty

    Former Minn. Gov. Tim Pawlenty explains his exploratory committee for a White House run, gives take on coalition strikes on Libya and Obama's leadership

  4. Arab League Sends Mixed Messages on Libya

    Does the organization support no-fly zone?

  5. Impact New Congress Will Have on Key Military Issue

    New Republican-controlled House could mean big changes for war in Afghanistan

  6. President Taking Heat on Libya Decision

    Critics on right and left question Obama

  7. President Obama Speaks on Libyan Unrest

    Obama on Libyan military action

  8. Should Obama Be Vacationing During Crises?

    President's leadership during chaotic times under fire

  9. Huckabee: Understand the Obama Doctrine

    Are we at war with Libya?

  10. Obama Praises Eagles for Vick's 'Second Chance'

    Panel debates president's response to ex-convict's comeback

  11. McCain Wants Obama to Oust Qaddafi, Part 2

    Arizona senator says no-fly zone doesn't go far enough

  12. Real Cost of U.S. in Libya

    Can Congress pass a long-term budget?

  1. Pressure on President Obama to Intervene in Libya

    Has the commander in chief been too silent on crisis?

  2. The O'Reilly Factor

    Thursday, 8/11p ET: It's a Factor interview with President Bush! From 9/11 and Iraq, to water boarding and wiretapping; it’s tough questions for the former commander in chief !

  3. Should Obama's Peace Prize Be Revoked?

    Radio hosts Monica Crowley, Alan Colmes on the debate over the president's Nobel Prize

  4. Obama's Full Plate

    All-Star panel weighs in on president's challenges in 2011

  5. As Fight Intensifies in Libya, Pressure Grows on Obama

    What can we expect from tonight's speech?

  6. Firsthand Afghan War Review

    Former commander of U.S. forces in Afghanistan talks troop drawdown timeline

  7. What Will Be the Endgame in Libya?

    Power struggle continues between Qaddafi loyalists and rebels

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