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Colin Powell

Talking Points: 10/23

Is Colin Powell talking straight?

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  1. It's Not Fair!

    The financial situation isn't fair to homeowners

  2. Goodbye to 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell'?

    'All-Star' panel on whether military's policy will really be changed

  3. One More Comeback?

    Does McCain still have chance at a presidential victory? Bill Kristol weighs in

  4. When Will Obama Decide?

    Alan's panel talks about Afghanistan strategy

  5. Chain of Command!

    Admiral John Hutson on military protocol!

  6. Reaching Across the Aisle

    Sen. Jeff Sessions says 'non-partisan' talks key to Obama's success as president

  7. No Spin Debate

    Should the U.S. water-board suspected terrorists?

  8. 'Dramatically Change the Economy'

    Sen. Dick Durbin says bringing Gitmo detainees to Illinois would greatly benefit state

  9. Hide the Kids!

    Best of Glenn Beck in the No Spin Zone

  10. McCain's Take on State of the Union

    The senator supports the president's proposed spending freeze

  11. Cabinet Dud?

    President-elect Obama's choice for education secretary has some conservatives up in arms

  12. Screech

    'Saved by the Bell' star talks about his new book

  1. Powell: 'We Must Go Forward' on Ground Zero Mosque

    Gen. Colin Powell speaks out in favor of building controversial mosque on ‘The View’

  2. What Should America Do About Libya?

    Mideast analyst on U.S. options and interests

  3. Is Libya the New Iraq?

    Congress pushes Obama on military action

  4. Rocky Roads

    Newt Gingrich on the roller coaster market, Sen. McCain's last weeks of campaign

  5. 'Erratic and Uncertain'

    Ohio senator and Obama supporter responds to new McCain ad

  6. Crossing Party Lines

    Could Colin Powell's endorsement hurt John McCain?

  7. Double Standard

    Powell was a pariah, but he supports Obama now.

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