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Clinton Global Initiative

Clinton Global Initiative

Former president on CGI's new programs, the White House race and the financial crisis

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  1. Power Shift

    Can Bill play second fiddle to Hillary?

  2. Hollywood to Washington

    Actor and activist Ted Danson talks with Alan about his history of political involvement.

  3. 'Walking His Talk'

    McCain adviser Nancy Pfotenhauer on decision by candidate to suspend campaign to work on financial crisis

  4. Show Must Go On?

    McCain suspends campaign to address economy, but Obama insists scheduled presidential debate should happen

  1. White House Using Scare Tactics in Spending Cut Fight?

    USAID head: GOP budget will kill 70,000 children

  2. The Week Ahead: 03/27

    What to look for in the upcoming week

  3. 'Time to Come Together'

    McCain suspends campaign to deal with financial crisis, asks to delay first presidential debate

  4. 'Political Judgment'

    Geraldine Ferraro: McCain returning to Washington to help campaign

  5. The One Thing: 5/13

    All the president's men

  6. Biggest Blunders

    Part 2: Dick Morris names the worst political mistakes of 2008

  7. Did He Deserve It?

    A look at the questions surrounding President Obama's Nobel Peace Prize honor