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Claire McCaskill

Under Fire

Democratic Sen . Claire McCaskill responds to raucous town hall meeting

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  1. Problems Worsening at Arlington National Cemetery

    Investigation reveals 6,600 graves either unmarked or mislabeled

  2. Backing Biden

    Obama supporter Sen. Amy Klobuchar on the VP debate

  3. Sen. McCaskill's Take

    National co-chair for the Obama campaign defends her candidate's energy plan

  4. Health Care Countdown

    Increasingly harsh rhetoric on both sides of the aisle

  5. White House's Cancelled Contract

    FNC Exclusive: White House reverses questionable business deal after a Fox report

  6. Stunning Revelations From Arlington Investigation

    As many as 6,600 graves mixed up at Arlington National Cemetery

  7. Clip Their Wings

    Outrage over lawmakers spending taxpayer money on luxury jets

  8. Talking Points: 8/12

    Has the Obama administration declared war on FOX News?

  9. Grave Dishonor for Nation's Heroes

    Sen. McCaskill investigates mislabeled graves at Arlington Cemetery

  10. Senator Reveals Unpaid Taxes on Private Plane

    Democrat Claire McCaskill also billed taxpayers for political travel

  11. Sens. McCaskill, Coburn on 'Fox News Sunday'

    Key lawmakers on federal spending fight

  12. Sens. Cornyn and McCaskill on 'FNS'

    Key senators on election battles for control of Senate

  1. Sens. Thune, McCaskill on 'FNS'

    Campaign surrogates discuss Obama's trip abroad, how success in Iraq will play for both McCain and Obama

  2. Blaming 'Cable TV'

    Why is the White House blaming cable TV for the town hall tumult?

  3. Federal Budget Battle

    Will congress shutdown the government?

  4. 'Astroturf?

    Liberal media targets town hall protesters

  5. Sen. McCaskill on Election's Message

    Did voters give GOP a mandate?

  6. Sen. McCaskill's Take

    Would 'President Obama' reach across the aisle?

  7. Estimate of Mismarked Graves Grows

    Up to 6,600 Arlington graves mislabeled

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