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Claire McCaskill

Obama's Overseas Trip a Politial Stunt? Supporter Sen . Claire McCaskill Reacts

This is a rush transcript from "Your World with Neil Cavuto," July 22, 2008. This copy may not be in its final form and may be updated.ALEXIS GLICK, GUEST HOST: Let`s turn the tables. Let`s look at the fair and balanced here, the Democratic side.With us now is Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill, who has a different point of view about this.Senator, thanks so much for joining us.You — I assume you disagree with that philosophy.SEN. CLAIRE McCASKILL (D), MISSOURI/OBAMA SUPPORTER: Well, if we are going to — you know, some of this is political games. I think we need to separate, broadly, that we have two candidates for president who have a different view.Just because John McCain hasn`t been at our Armed Services hearings, I`m not going to say he doesn`t care about our military. That would be silly Washington games. And, frankly, John McCain has been in Washington a long time. He`s used to those games, and maybe he thinks they're OK.I will tell you what Barack Obama`s mind-set is, and that i...

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    Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill voices support for President Obama's stimulus plan

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  1. Senator Claire McCaskill Disinvited From Daughter's High School Commencement Over Stem Cell Debate

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    Sen. Claire McCaskill's admission that she wouldn't invite the president to campaign with her may reflect the feelings of other Democrats facing big midterm challenges

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    Sen . Claire McCaskill , (D-Mo.), on her report bringing to light earmarks in defense bills.

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  6. Coming Up on 'FOX News Sunday': Karl Rove and Sens. Joe Lieberman and Claire McCaskill

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  7. Pols push to abolish agency charging for documents available for free online

    Anyone who's used the Internet knows that if you want a government document or research report, it's probably available online -- often for free. And that's caught t...

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