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City Council

Berkeley Ready to Welcome Gitmo Detainees?

City council to vote on resolution to invite cleared detainees to live in their town

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  1. Fowl Play

    'Chicken' interrupts city council meeting in Durango, Colorado

  2. City on Verge of Laying Off Half of Workforce

    Union leaders up in arms in Costa Mesa, California

  3. Earthquake Rocks Christchurch

    City councilor on massive destruction in New Zealand

  4. Confederate Flag Flies Over City Hall

    Arkansas mayor celebrates Robert E. Lee's birthday

  5. Forbes on Fox: Snow Job?

    In Focus: As states cut, are unions retaliating?

  6. Amber Alert for Missing 4-year-old

    Search continues for Juliani Cardenas

  7. Town Council Fights for Right to Pray

    Taking Liberties: N.J. officials sued over prayer opening meetings

  8. Government Showdown on Budget Cuts

    Government at standstill over spending cuts

  9. Political Correctness Run Amok?

    DOJ reportedly orders FDNY to pay back minority applicants who did not pass firefighter exams

  10. Thugs Brutally Beat Man While Shouting Anti-Gay Slurs

    NYC cops trying to track down two men responsible for vicious attack

  11. Red Eye on Smoking Ban

    With new ban, where exactly can one light up?

  12. Aims To Act Hyperlocal

    Website provides high quality neighborhood news by using local voices to serve their communities

  1. Nebraska City's Ban on Illegal Immigrants Suspended

    Fremont City Council suspends ban on hiring and renting property to illegal immigrants in save money in legal challenge

  2. Abortion Debate

    Baltimore city council wants pro-life centers to post signs

  3. Church and State Lawsuit

    Mayor of town is being sued for praying at city council meetings

  4. Fast Food Ban?

    Will L.A. City Council impose a moratorium on fast food?

  5. Yellow Ribbon Controversy

    City council , citizens collide over yellow remembrance ribbons

  6. Controversial Pot Plan Gets Scrapped

    Oakland city council puts the brakes on contentious plan to allow large scale marijuana growing operations

  7. Yellow Ribbon Controversy

    City council , citizens collide over yellow remembrance ribbons

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