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Charlie Crist

Countdown to November: Marco Rubio

GOP Senate candidate previews Democratic primary, gives take on latest with rival Charlie Crist and more

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  1. Return to 'Private Life'

    Florida Senator Mel Martinez holds news conference on his retirement

  2. Report: Bill Clinton Tried to Convince Meek to Quit Race

    Former president wanted Democratic candidate to endorse Crist for Senate seat

  3. Florida Lieutenant Governor Supporting Rubio

    Jeff Kottkamp on why he's endorsing Charlie Crist's opponent in Senate race

  4. Primary Night Focus on Florida

    Tense races in Sunshine State take national spotlight

  5. Primary Elections Heat Up Mid-term Elections

    As primary elections are held in five states, the pace picks up towards the November general election

  6. Alaska Unknown Shocks Political World

    Newcomer takes GOP Senate primary into overtime

  7. Hume on GOP Unity Problem

    Why is Republican Party having hard time presenting united front?

  8. Bush v. Gore's Role in Military Voting

    How the mother of all recounts prompted changes in how votes are handled

  9. Final Presidential Push

    Obama preps for final weekend of campaigning while Florida Senate race generates intrigue

  10. GOP Battle Brewing

    Florida Senate election heating up

  11. Senate Races Remain Unpredictable

    Polls tighten days before Election Day

  12. Calls to Cut Public Spending Grow Louder

    Marco Rubio on outcry in wake of California city's discovery of overpaid officials

  1. Tea Party Favorite Takes Sunshine State's Senate Race

    Republican Marco Rubio wins Florida Senate seat

  2. Marco Rubio Reacts to Florida Primary

    GOP hopeful weighs in on heated race for Senate seat

  3. Meek Not Backing Down in Florida

    Dem Senate candidate on 24-hour campaign tour across state

  4. Crist on Fla. Race's 'Clinton-Gate'

    Independent candidate addresses controversy over whether Bill Clinton tried to persuade Dem hopeful Meek to drop out and whether there was White House involvement

  5. Sunshine State Politics

    Preview of Tuesday's gubernatorial and Senate primaries in Florida

  6. The Sunshine State

    Can John McCain campaign win Florida? Gov. Charlie Crist weighs in

  7. Solution to Florida's Budget Problems

    Governor's formula to get the Sunshine State back on track

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