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Central Intelligence Agency

Protecting Our Nation's Security

Former Director of the Central Intelligence Agency Michael Hayden on America's security concerns

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  1. On the Border!

    Michael Scheuer on the Afghan-Pakistan border!

  2. Talking Points: 1/7

    America's anti-terror defense strategy is going to change big time

  3. 'Door's Open' for Meeting Between U.S., Iran

    Should President Obama sit down with Iran's president?

  4. ACLU Challenges Capture or Kill Order

    Obama administration sued over Anwar al-Awlaki's hit list designation

  5. 'Being Made a Scapegoat'

    Sen. Kit Bond says Intel Director Blair 'does not deserve to be fired'

  6. Not Going Anywhere?

    Newt Gingrich weighs in on the decision to impeach Blagojevich and the governor's extraordinary response

  7. Speaker vs. Speaker

    Newt Gingrich addresses Pelosi's CIA comments

  8. CIA Officers in Libya Aiding Rebels

    Operatives reportedly coordinating with opposition forces and sharing intelligence

  9. CIA Staffer Finds Interrogation Tapes

    Reveals interrogation of 9/11 plotter

  10. Controversial Transactions

    Report: CIA has given hundreds of millions to Pakistan's intelligence agency

  11. Top Secret Tricks

    CIA secrets revealed in new book

  12. Fight with ... Viagra?

    How is Viagra being used in the War on Terror?

  1. American Jailed in Pakistan Is CIA Operative

    Case remains at center of fragile diplomatic relationship between U.S., Pakistan

  2. Cover Blown?

    Report: Gitmo detainees allegedly shown CIA officers' photos

  3. Donald Rumsfeld on 'Fox & Friends Weekend'

    Former secretary of defense pens memoir

  4. Recruiting in Muslim America

    Will the CIA find success in Dearborn?

  5. Talking Points: 1/6

    The War on Terror takes a turn for the worse

  6. Failure to Communicate?

    Report: U.S. intelligence could have stopped Christmas bomb attempt

  7. Simmons: Blumenthal 'Needs to Apologize'

    Connecticut Senate candidate weighs in on report Blumenthal lied about his Vietnam service

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