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Caroline Kennedy

Senator Kennedy?

Caroline Kennedy's credentials questioned in bid for Hillary Clinton's Senate seat

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  1. Not So Fast

    Caroline Kennedy facing backlash over interest in New York Senate seat

  2. Lacks Gravitas!

    Hank Sheinkopf on Caroline Kennedy !

  3. Legacy Continues?

    Report: Caroline Kennedy considering filling NY Senate seat

  4. Political Royalty

    Is Caroline Kennedy qualified to replace Clinton as New York senator?

  5. Sweet Caroline!

    Howard Wolfson on Caroline Kennedy !

  6. JFK Inaugural Speech Fifty Years Later

    America celebrates the impact of John F. Kennedy's inauguration

  7. Clinton Successor

    Panel previews Governor Paterson's decision about who will fill the New York Senate seat

  8. Senate Spotlight

    Political analyst makes case for Caroline Kennedy's bid for Hillary Clinton's New York Senate seat

  9. Palin's Media Punch

    Sarah Palin sounds off on the media, Katie Couric and Tina Fey

  10. Litmus Test?

    Carolyn Kennedy announces stance on key political issues

  11. Ups and Downs

    Big Three automakers are 'down'

  12. Hold Your Horses

    Democratic resistance growing to Caroline Kennedy Senate seat appointment

  1. 'Sarah Palin-ized'

    Politicians liken Caroline Kennedy to Alaska's governor

  2. 'Celebrity' Authority?

    Is Caroline Kennedy qualified to be a U.S. senator?

  3. Political Ambition

    Caroline Kennedy meets with high-profile N.Y. leaders as she vies for Hillary Clinton's Senate seat

  4. Struggle for the Senate

    What will it take for Caroline Kennedy to become a New York senator?

  5. Qualified Candidate?

    Panel weighs in on Caroline Kennedy seeking New York Senate seat

  6. Caroline Unplugged

    Caroline Kennedy hits the media circuit

  7. Private Lives

    Controversy over Caroline Kennedy refusing to disclose financial information

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