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  1. Time for Intel Chief to Go?

    Sen. Graham calls on James Clapper to resign after 'third strike'

  2. Budget Extension Approved... Again

    Senate votes on three-week measure to avoid government shutdown

  3. The Journal Editorial Report: 11/28

    Is America willing to fight domestic Islamic threat?

  4. Cost of War

    If Obama sends reinforcements to Afghanistan, how will the U.S. pay for it?

  5. Afghanistan Strategy

    Debate over what President Obama should do in the war overseas that began eight years ago

  6. Full Steam Ahead

    Will lawmakers read full McChrystal report before voting on war funds?

  7. Power Play?

    Eli Lake on Maliki and his motives!

  8. Patriotic Duty?

    Congress weighing new tax to pay for war in Afghanistan

  9. GVS Live Wire: 8/11

    Go behind the scenes as Greta prepares for Wednesday's 'On the Record'

  10. 'Significant Job Losses'

    President Bush acknowledges U.S. economy in recession

  11. Decisions, Decisions

    Rep. Joe Sestak on whether Obama should send more troops into Afghanistan

  12. Timeline Trouble

    Sen. Lindsey Graham hopes U.S. will not be locked in to leaving Afghanistan in 2011

  1. Stopped in Its Tracks?

    Auto bailout bill takes a major hit

  2. Hourly Update

    Get hourly updated headlines from Fox News Channel

  3. Bet on a Bailout

    Bush, lawmakers send signals that some kind of loan will be given to automakers

  4. WikiLeaks to Release Documents

    400,000 Pentagon Iraq War documents to be released

  5. Sens. Shelby, Levin on 'FNS'

    Key senators weigh in on auto bailout

  6. Power Player of the Week

    There's a new 'most popular' man in Washington

  7. Senate Rejects Two Spending Plans

    Budget outlines turned down as government shutdown looms again

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