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Camp David

Staying Fit in the White House

Which presidents were known to stay in top shape?

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  1. Obama's Prime-Time Pitch

    What did Sen. Obama accomplish with his 30-minute infomercial?

  2. Religion and Politics

    A new poll has an interesting result when it comes to the president and his faith

  3. Did He Deserve It?

    A look at the questions surrounding President Obama's Nobel Peace Prize honor

  4. Behind the Breaks # 2

    Presidents who have 'turkey with the troops'

  5. When Will Americans See Benefits of Health Care Overhaul?

    America's Asking: Answers to your election questions

  6. Obama's Religion Becomes Topic of Discussion

    Polling finds increase in number of Americans who believe president is Muslim

  7. Eventful Day for Middle East

    All-Star panel responds to jumpstart of peace talks and Iran's nuclear progress

  8. Charity Groups' Impact on Society Part 1

    Panelists dicuss the importance of their charities

  9. Obama Really Trying for Bipartisanship?

    The president's message for Republicans: 'Show me what you've got'

  10. Laughing Matter!

    Larry Sabato reacts to Bill on Barack!

  11. Hourly Update

    Get hourly updated headlines from FOX News Channel

  1. Chicago Politians on Egypt, Straw Poll

    Senator Mark Kirk and Illinois GOP Pat Brady

  2. Bias Bash: Libyan Mission

    Was media coverage of president's speech fair?

  3. 'Ask Major'

    Final installment of Major Garrett's video blog

  4. Obama Mulls GOP Retreat?

    Report: President considering Camp David trip with Republicans

  5. Obama as 'Vacationer-in-Chief'

    First family plans fifth vacation since July to Martha's Vineyard

  6. Request Denied

    Air Force bans flyover at Christian festival

  7. Controversial Policies

    President Bush often faced criticism over his foreign policy