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Bobby Jindal

Bobby Jindal a 2012 Contender?

Bret Baier examines political climate in Louisiana

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  1. 'Lack of Political Judgment'

    Bill Sammon: Gov. Sanford has damaged himself, dug himself into hole

  1. Hannity

    Friday, 9p ET: Sean interviews Medal of Honor winner Sal Giunta, Governors Chris Chirstie & Bobby Jindal and Sarah Palin

  2. Jindal's Take

    Can John McCain jump start the U.S. economy? Gov. Bobby Jindal weighs in

  3. Return of the Fishing Industry

    Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal takes an aerial tour of the Gulf on the first day of shrimping season

  4. Doubling Down on Failed Policies

    Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal criticizes Obama's repeat offenses

  5. Republicans in the Wilderness?

    If the GOP is hammered on election night, who will provide new leadership?

  6. 'Great News'

    On the Job Hunt: Louisiana governor on new employment opportunities

  7. 10-Point Plan

    Gov. Jindal offers GOP's ideas for health care reform