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Blanche Lincoln

Incumbents Struggling in Primaries

Will Senator Blanche Lincoln win in Arkansas primary?

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  1. Democrat Opposes Civilian Terror Trials

    Sen. Lincoln co-sponsoring bipartisan legislation to cut 9/11 trial funding

  2. Eleventh Hour Issue

    Will last-minute push on coal issue help McCain campaign?

  3. Senators Want 9/11 Trial Funding Cut

    Bipartisan group backs legislation to cut funding for civilian court trials

  4. 'Strategy Room' AM Newsbreak: 5/18

    The latest headlines from the 'StrategyRoom'

  5. Dysfunctional and Toxic

    Bill Kristol: Time for McCain to fire his campaign

  6. Midterm Races Heating Up

    How many seats can Republicans pick up in the fall?

  7. 'Politics Pure and Simple'

    Democratic strategist Mary Anne Marsh on resistance to so-called 'public option'

  8. Left's Scapegoat

    Liberals blame Bush for losing 2016 Olympics

  9. Voters' Voices Heard

    Primaries show voters' anti-establishment mood

  10. Political Lessons from Primaries

    Should incumbents and 'establishment' candidates separate themselves from Washington in order to have a better chance in November?

  11. The One Thing: 11/16

    The SEIU vs. you

  12. On Track to Take Back Congress?

    Rep. Michele Bachmann on GOP's midterm momentum

  1. Political Showdown

    Can Blanche Lincoln come out as the winner in the state's Democratic Party primary?

  2. Lincoln: 'People of Arkansas Have Spoken'

    Two-term Democratic Senate veteran Blanche Lincoln wins popular vote, but forced into primary runoff

  3. Moderates in Midterm Trouble?

    Sen. Evan Bayh on center-left incumbent Blanche Lincoln's fight to keep her seat

  4. Mathematical Dilemma for Democrats

    Polling shows dramatic shift in electorate towards conservatism

  5. Don't Touch My Slice of Government Spending Pie?

    Polls: Voters disagree on spending cuts

  6. Crucial Votes

    Some senators key to health care reform

  7. Cracks in the Coalition

    Senate Democrats remain divided on key health care reform issues

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