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Bill Nelson

'Good First Step'

Sen . Bill Nelson pleased with committee's work on health care reform

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  1. 'Partisan Issue'?

    Sen. Ben Nelson on unsettled Senate seats, Panetta pick for CIA

  2. Political Grapevine: 6/17

    Obama under fire again from members of his own party

  3. Jeb Bush For Senate?

    Jeb Bush could make a move for 2012 seat

  4. Energetic Debate

    Tourism industry, environmentalists concerned about drilling off Florida coast

  5. Kendrick Meek Bows Out

    Democrat thanks supporters, acknowledges defeat in Florida Senate race

  6. Pain at the Pump

    Nebraska senator wants 'oil summit' to address soaring gas prices, supports more offshore drilling

  7. The Fine Print

    Hidden items in health care bill could affect you

  8. 'We Can Do Better'

    Sen. Graham scolds Nelson health care deal

  9. After the Show Show: 8/19

    Will the Dems go it alone on health care? Plus the latest on the climate bill and the White House's Web woes

  10. Jeb Bush: I'm Not Running in 2012

    Former governor explains why he won't throw his hat in White House race

  11. Senate Rejects Two Spending Plans

    Budget outlines turned down as government shutdown looms again

  12. Voters Not Buying What Obama's Selling

    Polls reveal State of the Union didn't alleviate Americans' concerns

  1. Obama Moving to the Center?

    Sen . Bill Nelson says Obama’s opinions are in the ‘mainstream of America’

  2. Pet or Predator?

    Snake owner defends pythons' reputation

  3. Nikki Bagley's On-Air Debut

    Intern does live sports report on national television

  4. Florida Governor Rejects Federal Funding for Rail Project

    Gov. Rick Scott says 'no thanks' to $2 billion handout

  5. Lawmaker Vows to Repeal Obamacare

    Sen. Johanns says stopping health care law should be GOP's number one priority if they win back control of Congress

  6. Big Stuff!

    10-year-old aspiring journalist has interviewed some of the biggest names in news

  7. 'Injurious Species'

    Proposed bill would ban Burmese pythons as pets

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