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Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton Brings Out the Crowds

Is former president a better campaigner than Obama?

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  1. Crist on Fla. Race's 'Clinton-Gate'

    Independent candidate addresses controversy over whether Bill Clinton tried to persuade Dem hopeful Meek to drop out and whether there was White House involvement

  2. Aiming at McCain?

    Lanny Davis on Bill Clinton's claim that POWs can snap at any time

  3. Meek: 'I'm Not Going to Sell Out'

    Democratic Fla. hopeful attempts to clear air on whether Clinton asked him to leave Senate race, calls Crist 'a desperate candidate'

  4. Good Choices?

    Panel weighs in on President-elect Obama's picks for his national security team

  5. Dramatic Twist in Florida Senate Race

    Democrat Kendrick Meek denies Bill Clinton urged him to quit

  6. Rendell: Sestak Can and Probably Will Win

    Pa. governor says voter turnout has been greatly underestimated in Senate race

  7. Clinton Denies Luring Sestak Out of Race

    All-Star panel discusses latest twist in story

  8. Obama More Like Carter or Clinton?

    Will president follow through with push for bipartisanship?

  9. Jimmy Carter to North Korea

    Former president making personal trip to secure freedom of imprisoned American

  10. Clinton Asks Meek to Drop Out of Election?

    Meek says he's staying in FL race

  11. How Should Obama Handle GOP Gains?

    Alan Colmes weighs in on president's response to Republican takeover of Congress

  12. American Problem

    President-elect Obama tries to get support of Republicans and Democrats for massive stimulus package

  1. Bill Clinton on the Campaign Trail

    The former president out stumping for Dems hoping to give them an extra boost in time for midterm elections

  2. Sestak Saga Resurrected

    Bill Clinton once again carefully words a statement to his advantage

  3. Congressman Leaves Rally as Wife Gives Birth

    Congressman skips President Clinton's rally speech for daughter's birth

  4. Report: Bill Clinton Tried to Convince Meek to Quit Race

    Former president wanted Democratic candidate to endorse Crist for Senate seat

  5. October Surprise in Sunshine State

    Marco Rubio asks about White House connection to flap over Florida Senate race

  6. Transition of Power

    Former Clinton Chief of Staff Mack McLarty on challenges the incoming Obama team will face

  7. Journal Editorial Report: 8/9

    Political left roughs up moderates opposing health care plan

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