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Bernie Sanders

Sanders' Solution

Sen . Bernie Sanders (I-VT) tells Alan why he believes the tax code coddles the rich and needs to be changed

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  1. Early Holiday Gift?

    GOP senator is not happy with Democrats' health care bill which has lots of pet projects attached

  2. Tea Not for Two?

    Gov. Rendell and Bill O'Reilly debate Howard Dean's claims that the Tea Party alienates American voters

  3. Senate Rejects Two Spending Plans

    Budget outlines turned down as government shutdown looms again

  4. Fur Flies Over Tax Breaks for Alpaca Farmers

    John Stossel under fire for tax benefits investigation

  5. Dino Rossi vs. Patty Murray

    GOP candidate faces long-time Senate Democrat in tight race in Washington

  6. Budget Extension Approved... Again

    Senate votes on three-week measure to avoid government shutdown

  7. Beck: Show Me Your Friends

    Look who's rallying on the Mall

  8. Over-stimulated?

    Sen. Jim DeMint on possible third stimulus; giving new powers to the Fed

  9. Cracks in the Coalition

    Senate Democrats remain divided on key health care reform issues

  10. Deaf Ears

    Is Congress ignoring American public's opposition to health care reform?

  11. Democrat Deluge?

    Democratic Party is banking on a big win in the Senate

  12. Senator Franken

    After a long battle, Al Franken will soon get to work for Minnesota

  1. Sanders vs. Sullivan

    FBN's Brian Sullivan takes on Independent Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders who is urging Dems to use supermajority to pass national health care bill

  2. Fighting Ahead?

    Independent Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders on whether Speaker Pelosi is setting up a tax brawl with President-elect Obama

  3. Pinheads & Patriots: 8/17

    Derek Jeter: pinhead or patriot?

  4. Hannity's America: 1/13

    Is Obama's transition team harboring a socialist secret?

  5. The Hill Report: Raise Taxes?

    Democrats pushing for a tax increase on the wealthiest Americans

  6. Banking on Bernanke

    Will FED chairman stay for second term?

  7. Political Grapevine: 1/13

    Heated words about plantations and slaves in a dispute over how to spend money from the Obama stimulus package

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