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Barney Frank

Closer to Equality?

Rep . Barney Frank (D-MA) tells Alan what he thinks of President Obama's efforts to protect gay rights

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  1. Is Barney Frank's Seat Safe?

    Sean Bielat challenging Democratic stalwart

  2. Can This Man Unseat Barney Frank ?

    Sean Bielat challenges longtime incumbent Democrat

  3. Barney Frank's Solution

    Use TARP funds to bail out California?

  4. Political Arrogance

    Barney Frank continues to blame everyone but himself for economic collapse

  5. 'Bad Political Advice'?

    Barney Frank calls on President-elect Obama to be more assertive on the economy

  6. Reality Check

    Barney Frank goes after O'Reilly in new campaign ad

  7. Miller Time: 8/19

    Dennis Miller on Barney Frank's town hall shoot-out

  8. Rolling the Dice

    Is Barney Frank ushering in a second housing crisis?

  9. Massachusetts in Play for GOP?

    Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney on fight for Barney Frank ’s seat

  10. Accountable Frank

    Barney Frank changing his tune; should he be held accountable?

  11. Greg-alogue: 8/20

    Barney Frank bullies town hall 'crazy'

  12. Common Sense: 8/19

    I thought Congressman Barney Frank just yelled at me

  1. Conflict of Interest?

    Rep . Barney Frank romanced Fannie Mae executive. Should that matter?

  2. 'Factor' Rematch

    Rep . Barney Frank returns to No Spin Zone to debate Gitmo prisoner abuse pictures

  3. Unkindest Cut?

    Rep . Barney Frank proposes cutting defense spending by 25 percent

  4. 'Factor' Face-off

    Bill O'Reilly and Rep . Barney Frank slug it out over who's to blame for financial crisis

  5. Rewriting History?

    Rep. Frank claims he was 'leading voice' of reform for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac

  6. Military Funding Cut

    New stimulus package calls for 25 percent cut in military funding

  7. 'Absolutely Brutal'

    CEO of Powell Financial predicts 1,000-point Dow drop if economic rescue bill fails

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