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Attorney General

Making His Case for Attorney General

Democratic candidate Dan Gelber gives take on health care lawsuit, explains why he should be Florida attorney general

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  1. Outrage Over Obama's New Appointee

    President's recess appointment for deputy attorney general draws fire

  2. Holder Grilled on Radical Islam

    Karl Rove weighs in on attorney general's testimony on terror plots

  3. Off With the Oath?

    Texas attorney general leading fight to keep religion in inaugural ceremony

  4. Mukasey on Traveling Terror Trial

    Former attorney general on where terror suspects will face justice

  5. Eric Holder vs. Rahm Emanuel?

    Former Attorney General Michael Mukasey on report of White House battle over terror trial location

  6. 'Where There's Smoke...'

    Louisiana attorney general responds to ACORN's CEO claim that $5 million embezzlement report is 'completely false'

  7. First Hurdle for Health Care Challenge Cleared

    Reaction from Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum

  8. Holder's Holdup

    Does the attorney general's week of missteps prove he's unfit to serve?

  9. State Complicates Obama's Immigration Battle

    Virginia attorney general rules police can check immigration status

  10. Another Bailout?

    Report: California Governor Schwarzenegger may ask feds for $7 billion loan. Calif. Attorney General Jerry Brown says they need it

  11. Why the Wait?

    Is Florida attorney general's office delaying closure for Anthony family?

  12. 'Making Bad History'

    Sen. Graham blasts Attorney General Holder over 9/11 trial decision

  1. Ariz. Attorney General's Take: Immigration Law Ruling

    Terry Goddard, Brewer's gubernatorial rival, responds to injunction, legal battles ahead and reports of possible amnesty for illegals

  2. Military Tribunals for GITMO Detainees

    President Obama recently announced that GIMO will remain open and the detainees will be getting military tribunals. Former Attorney General Michael Mukasey is here to discuss.

  3. Ashcroft: 'World Needs Leaders'

    Fmr. attorney general on U.S. standing in the world, America's leadership

  4. Live and Unedited

    Former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales sits down with Geraldo

  5. 'He Needs to Resign'

    Illinois attorney general : 'I'm seriously considering running for governor'

  6. What's the Rush?

    Why are Democrats blocking GOP efforts to subpoena testimony for attorney general -designate Eric Holder?

  7. Florida Jumps Into Illegal Immigration Debate

    Fla. attorney general , lawmakers model bill after Arizona law, but will it withstand a court challenge?

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