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Arnold Schwarzenegger

  1. Hollywood Nation: 'Idols' Dispel Ghost Stories

    Justin Bieber's cinematic follow up; 'The Governator' gets animated

  2. New York Motorcycle Show Sneak Peek

    Fox Car Report LIVE! gets a behind the scenes look at the Progressive International Motorcycle Show in New York City

  3. Former President George H.W. Bush Honors Ronald Reagan

    George H.W. Bush presents Excellence of Public Service award posthumously to former President Ronald Reagan

  4. Time Out For Government Regulation

    Should the government take a time out?

  5. Fox Flash: Safe to Go Back in the Tank?


  6. Sargent Shriver Dies at 95

    Former vice-presidential nominee served as first director of the Peace Corps

  7. Showdown At The Gun Show

    Some lawmakers want to ban CA gun show

  8. Sterger Gets Movie Role

    Favre's alleged sext object in new Mischa Barton movie

  9. California Voters Head to Polls

    History will be made in golden state gubernatorial primary

  10. GOP Eyeing Big Gains in California

    Gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman on conservative surge in notoriously liberal state

  11. Troops Deployed to CA Border

    1st round of National Guard soldiers sent

  12. Arizona Lawmakers Won't Alter Immigration Law

    State legislators decide not to tweak portions of controversial immigration measure

  1. Talking Points: 7/6

    Will President Obama become the new Arnold Schwarzenegger ?

  2. Family Sues Former California Governor

    Arnold Schwarzenegger sued for commuting killer sentence

  3. Cash-Strapped California

    Schwarzenegger press secretary defends state IOUs

  4. Pinheads & Patriots: 8/20

    Arnold Schwarzenegger : pinhead or patriot?

  5. Another Bailout?

    Report: California Governor Schwarzenegger may ask feds for $7 billion loan. Calif. Attorney General Jerry Brown says they need it

  6. Pinheads & Patriots: 9/22

    Arnold Schwarzenegger : pinhead or patriot?

  7. Hollywood Nation: Sir Simon Cowell?

    Ex-'Idol' judge rumored to be knighted, George Lopez eying politics

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