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Arlen Specter

Bachmann on Specter Shoot-out

Rep. Michele Bachmann on her radio shoot-out with Sen . Arlen Specter

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  1. President Passes Pennsylvania Up

    Would Obama help or hurt Sen. Specter's struggle to keep seat?

  2. Racism Claims

    Day camp says swim club kicked out black kids

  3. On Track to Take Back Congress?

    Rep. Michele Bachmann on GOP's midterm momentum

  4. Intelligence Leaked on Abdulmutallab

    Senator Specter on controversy brewing over information disclosed about terror suspect

  5. Battle for Political Airwaves

    Frank Luntz on voter reaction to political ads

  6. Specter vs. Sestak

    Pennsylvania Democratic primary heats up

  7. Watershed Moment

    Specter town hall could be turning point in health care debate

  8. Obama Endorsement Is Kiss of Death?

    Debate over whether the president helps or hurts politicians by backing them

  9. Trouble Ahead?

    Are Democrats in danger this fall?

  10. 'Scares the Life Out of Me'

    Specter town hall attendee voices health care concerns

  11. Allow Cameras in the Supreme Court?

    New push for video coverage of the court

  12. Michael Steele

    RNC chairman on Specter holding three town hall meetings on health care

  1. 'Matter of Interpreting'

    Sen . Arlen Specter : Judges responsible for interpreting law, not making it

  2. Specter: 'Great Privilege to Serve People of Pennsylvania'

    Sen . Arlen Specter concedes primary race, thanks supporters

  3. The Battle for Pennsylvania

    Senate race heats up between incumbent Arlen Specter and Rep. Joe Sestak

  4. In Town Halls We Trust

    Protesters look back on events in Pennsylvania and Arkansas

  5. Town Hall Target

    Liberal attack machine takes aim at Specter town hall attendee Katy Abram

  6. Hannity's America: 1/25

    Democratic lawmaker's novel idea to pass health care reform

  7. Sestak Sweeps Specter From Office

    Joe Sestak explains victory in Pennsylvania primary

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