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Alex Sink

Voters Line Up in Florida

State Republicans expect landslide

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  1. Karl Rove, Joe Trippi on 'FNS'

    Master political strategists target key races

  2. More Money, More Problems

    Election results prove money does not mean victory

  1. Election Day in Florida

    Voters are deciding candidates for this fall's general election

  2. Primary Night Focus on Florida

    Tense races in Sunshine State take national spotlight

  3. Meek Not Backing Down in Florida

    Dem Senate candidate on 24-hour campaign tour across state

  4. Importance of Upcoming Election

    Political panel discusses New York and Florida races

  5. GOP Blueprint for Victory?

    Florida's Republican gubernatorial nominee slams Obama, Pelosi and Reid in victory speech

  6. GOP Split in Sunshine State?

    Bill McCollum not endorsing Rick Scott

  7. Alaska Unknown Shocks Political World

    Newcomer takes GOP Senate primary into overtime