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Air Force

Air Force Officers' Sworn Testimony About UFO Encounters

Shocking revelations about bizarre activity in the skies

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  1. Powerful Punch

    Exclusive look at Air Force's new high-tech hardware

  2. Military's Massive New Eye for Afghan Sky

    Air Force developing $211M mega-blimp

  3. Nude Man Swipes Sausage at Retirement Home

    Air Force veteran and resident weighs in

  4. McInerney: 'We've Been Snookered' on Libya

    Retired Air Force lieutenant general explains why he thinks the U.S. is opening a can of worms

  5. Sentimental Journey

    Former President Bush departs Andrews Air Force Base for Midland, Texas

  6. Minuteman Launch

    U.S. tests long-range missile from California Air Force base

  7. How to Test for Radiation?

    Demonstration of devices used for detection and air sampling

  8. Searching for Answers

    Investigation continues in tragic death of former Bush aide John Wheeler

  9. Intervention Options in Libya

    What's next course of action if economic sanctions don't weaken Qaddafi's power?

  10. Will Libyan No-Fly Zone Work?

    Rep. Adam Kinzinger weighs in

  11. UFO Sightings Kept Under Wraps

    Ex-military commanders come clean about intelligent life beyond Earth

  12. Where do U.S.-Chinese Relations Stand?

    Donald Trump reacts to Chinese President Hu Jintao’s visit to U.S.

  1. 'Air Force 911'

    FOX News embedded with 615th Contingency Response Wing

  2. Royal Air Force Bombers Knock Out Qadaffi's Tanks

    Raw video: RAF jets strike Libyan armor threatening civilians

  3. UFO Sightings at Nuclear Facilities

    Air Force officers testify on encounters

  4. Aerial Acrobatics

    Ainsley Earhardt takes to the skies with the Air Force Thunderbirds

  5. Jon Scott Flies With Thunderbirds

    'Happening Now' anchor takes thrill ride with U.S. Air Force

  6. Request Denied

    Air Force bans flyover at Christian festival

  7. Heavy Lifting

    Exclusive look at Air Force's new high-tech hardware

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