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Air Disasters

Fatal Plane Crash Near Playground

Single-engine plane crash kills all three aboard

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  1. Small Plane Crash in Arizona

    Pilot dies after plane goes down

  2. Homemade Plane Crash Injures 64-Year-Old Pilot

    Experimental plane crashes into woods in Michigan

  3. Deadly Plane Crash in Alaska

    Rescue crews on the scene

  4. Chinese Passenger Plane Crash Kills 42

    Deadly plane crash in China kills 42, injures 54

  5. Former NASA Head Survives Plane Crash

    Sean O'Keefe makes it through deadly Alaska accident that claimed life of former Sen. Ted Stevens

  6. No Survivors in Pakistan Plane Crash

    Chartered plane crashes after pilot warned of engine troubles

  7. Incredible Video of Plane Crash Aftermath

    Raw video: Ferry passenger captures rescue of victims after small plane ditches in Lake Erie (warning: graphic language)

  8. What Caused Buffalo Plane Crash ?

    NTSB to release probable cause of fatal crash

  9. No Survivors in Pakistan Plane Crash

    Cause of crash under investigation

  10. Around the World: Plane Crash Kills 14 in Nepal

    Group headed to Mount Everest goes down in heavy rain

  11. Ex-Sen. Ted Stevens Killed in Plane Crash

    Former Alaska lawmaker one of five dead after single-engine plane went down southwest of Anchorage

  12. Another Airbus Crashes

    Commercial pilot on similarities between two latest plane crashes that have killed hundreds of passengers

  1. NTSB Begins Investigation Into Alaska Plane Crash

    Investigators comb wreckage of plane crash that killed former Senator Ted Stevens

  2. Ted Stevens Dies in Plane Crash

    Update on plane crash in Alaska

  3. Sarah Palin Offers Insight on Alaska Plane Crash

    Former governor describes adverse conditions in area where plane reportedly carrying ex-Senator Ted Stevens went down

  4. Rescue Crews on Scene of Small Plane Crash

    Sources: Former Alaska Sen. Ted Stevens on plane that crashed

  5. Across America: Fatal Plane Crash in South Carolina

    Single-engine plane overshoots runway, crashes into RV, killing 2

  6. Plane Crash in Nepal Kills All 14 Aboard

    Rescue workers dig through debris after plane crashes killing all 14 passengers

  7. Plane Crash at Phoenix Area Airport

    Small plane hits building, bursts into flames

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