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Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab

Accused 'Underwear Bomber' Fires Attorneys

Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab tells judge he wants to represent himself

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  1. Terror Gaffe Spark New Concerns

    Is U.S. intelligence community sharing information?

  2. A 'Credible' Terror Scare

    Al Qaeda mail bomb plot targeting Jewish places of worship a reminder of ongoing threat

  3. Al Qaeda in Yemen Responsible for Mail Bomb Threat

    Is Yemen the new headquarters for Al Qaeda?

  4. Napolitano on Whether U.S. Can 'Absorb' Terror Attack

    Secretary of Homeland Security on President Obama's controversial comment to Bob Woodward

  5. Rudy's Endorsement Trail

    Former New York City mayor backs candidates across the country

  6. CAIR: Rep. King Wants to Smear Muslim Community

    Council on American-Islamic Relations director argues that Islamic radicalization trials are 'fundamentally un-American'

  7. Times Square Readies for New Year's Eve

    Getting ready for the nation's biggest party, quite the task after monster blizzard that hit New York City

  8. Somali Terror Suspects Detained

    Former CIA officer Jamie Smith talks about terror suspects detained in Netherlands

  9. Gutfeld: Protecting Feelings vs. Protecting People

    Media's misguided views on Muslim radicalization hearings

  10. Protests Spread to Bahrain

    KT McFarland on the latest round of uprisings in the region

  11. Mail Bomb Explodes at Another Embassy in Greece

    Could explosion be linked to UPS terror scare in U.S.?

  12. Mail Bomb Plot Was Dry Run?

    Security forces hunting for suspect

  1. Plea Deal for Christmas Terror Suspect?

    What would Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab get in return for cooperating with the prosecution?

  2. Underwear Bomber Blames Mentor

    Abdulmutallab attributes terror attempt to teachings by radical U.S.-born cleric

  3. 'Underwear Bomber' Defense Strategy

    Did U.S. government set-up bomber?

  4. 'On the Record' with Sen. McCain, Part 1

    McCain on Attorney General Holder, the underwear bomber , Obama's budget and more

  5. John Ashcroft on Terror Threat

    Former U.S. attorney general on dealing with Yemen

  6. Sharpton Speaks Out Against Radicalization Hearings Part 1

    Reverend argues Muslims are being targeted based on religion

  7. British Airways Takes on TSA

    Airline claims U.S. is making excessive demands dealing with screening passengers

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