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Former Military Officials to Expose UFO Threat

Author uses military to expose irrefutable evidence of UFO existence

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    Mysterious ring spotted over Moscow

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    UFO captured on camera?

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    British government releases secret documents on UFO sightings

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    Not a 'Good Morning' for Chris Brown; Liv Tyler on dad and 'Idol'

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    Is America's most top secret military facility hiding the unexplained? 'Hannity's America' investigates

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    Texas constable claims to have witnessed UFOs near Crawford

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    Buzz Aldrin discusses dropping beats with Snoop Dog

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    Former astronaut claims aliens exist

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    Unexplained red lights spotted in New Jersey skies

  1. Air Force Officers' Sworn Testimony About UFO Encounters

    Shocking revelations about bizarre activity in the skies

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    Ex-military commanders come clean about intelligent life beyond Earth

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    Air Force officers testify on encounters

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    Will U.S. follow suit?

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    Annual convention for Area 51 visitors, true believers

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    Mysterious flying object spotted over New York

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    Author investigates unexplained high-profile sightings

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