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Whoopi Goldberg : Elisabeth Hasselbeck gets most death threats on 'The View'

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  1. Elisabeth Hasselbeck

    'The View' co-host reacts to Michelle Obama's appearance on the talk show

  2. Elisabeth Hasselbeck

    Part 3: 'The View' co-host rates Michelle Obama's performance

  3. Who's Afraid of Bill O'Reilly?

    'View' co-hosts bolt from set during New York mosque debate

  4. Double Standard?

    Elisabeth Hasselbeck on mainstream media's treatment of conservative women

  5. The View !

    Michelle Obama co-hosting 'The View'!

  6. 'Happy to Be Here'

    'View' co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck talks politics with FNC's Mike Huckabee

  7. 'Happy to Be Here' Part 2

    'View' co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck talks politics with FNC's Mike Huckabee

  8. President's Debut on 'The View'

    Obama dazzles live audience on daytime talk show, but did he dazzle press?

  9. Obama's Debut on 'The View'

    President challenged by Elizabeth Hasselbeck on job saving claims

  10. Did Obama's Visit to 'The View' Help His Image?

    Forty-fourth president becomes first to appear on daytime talk show

  11. O'Reilly vs. 'The View': Who Was Right?

    Debate over daytime dustup

  12. Donald Trump in No Spin Zone, Part 2

    Real estate mogul discusses birth certificate brouhaha

  1. Elisabeth Hasselbeck on 'Hannity'

    'View' co-host talks health care repeal, Sarah Palin

  2. Whoopi Goldberg

    'View' host sounds off on new administration

  3. Elisabeth Hasselbeck Reacts to Obama's 'View'

    Co-host grades president's appearance on daytime talk show

  4. Ingraham's Take on 'View' Shoot-out

    Radio show host on O'Reilly vs. Whoopi and Joy

  5. Elisabeth Hasselbeck

    Part 2: 'The View' co-host's take on Michelle Obama's appearance

  6. Tear-Jerking 'View'

    Elisabeth Hasselbeck cries on the 'View' in a discussion about the use of the n-word

  7. Hot-Button Issue

    N-word debate back in spotlight after Jesse Jackson's remarks

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