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Music Videos Making a Comeback

Internet helping to revive industry

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  1. Who are ‘The Roys’?

    Sibling bluegrass duo on their music career

  2. Download Your Favorite Tunes for Free

    New music service gives fans access to large database of songs

  3. Michael W. Smith Talks Faith

    Secret to success is reinvention, while staying true to core values

  4. GD_smith


  5. Jennifer Lopez New Single

    Jennifer Lopez new single number one

  6. 'American Idol' Revue: First Elimination from Top 13

    Former 'American Idol' contestant Didi Benami weighs in on the first elimination of the top thirteen contestants from season ten

  7. Hollywood Nation: Bret Michaels Returns to Reality

    Justin Bieber's a 'doll;' Emma Thompson vs. aliens

  8. “Some Kind of Trouble”

    Singer-songwriter James Blunt stops by Live to talk “Some Kind of Trouble”

  9. 'World Champion'

    Judah Friedlander on his new book and outlook on life

  10. Boyz II Men Acapella

    Boyz II Men’s new album drops today and they serenade the Strategy Room audience acapella

  11. Hollywood Nation: 7/17

    Matthew McConaughey is making music

  12. Lady Gaga Says No to Sex

    Is the risque pop star's message too little too late?

  1. Trace Adkins Talks About New Movie Role

    Trace Adkins talks to Fox 411 Country about his new movie role; Martina Mcbride gets personal with new music; while Keith Urban does the same for his new music video

  2. Levi Johnston's Music Video Debut

    Bristol Palin's ex cozies up to singer

  3. King of Film?

    Did Michael Jackson have Hollywood ambitions?

  4. Kid at Heart

    Part 2: Jackson describes himself as kind, generous and fun-loving

  5. 411 Country: Steel Magnolia Play Hit Songs

    Rising country star duo rocks out with songs from their debut album

  6. Breitbart: 'Offensive... But I Trust James'

    Documentary on conservatives takes bad turn

  7. J. Lo's Return to the Top of the Charts

    'American Idol' judge releases new single 'On the Floor'

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