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Logitech Revue with Google TV

Is this new Google TV device from Logitech worth the price?

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  1. Is It Real?

    Animal expert Jeff Corwin weighs in on 'Monster of Montauk'

  2. 'In the Pride'

    Animal Planet documents efforts to save pride of lions

  3. When Animals and Mankind Collide

    Dave Salmoni hosts 'World's Deadliest Towns' on Animal Planet

  4. Cool Critters: Klepto Cat Strikes Again

    Feline caught on camera stealing items around its owner's neighborhood

  5. Klepto Kitty Burglarizes Homes

    Dusty the cat has stolen hundreds of neighbors' items

  6. Japan Halts Whale Hunt

    Clash with protesters

  7. Mystery Monster

    Bizarre-looking creature washes ashore swanky New York beach

  8. Gator Feeding Frenzy Caught on Tape

    Fisherman gets more than his normal catch

  9. Gator Attack

    11-year-old loses arm in alligator mauling

  10. Bear Necessities

    Advice on how to keep yourself safe from a bear attack

  11. 'Change Has Come to America'

    President-elect Barack Obama addresses nation after historic victory; calls for unity, service

  12. Lion-Tiger Hybrids Create Controversy

    Birth of 'liger' cubs causing concern among wildlife experts

  1. Gadgets and Games: 10/08

    Clayton Morris and guests talk Google TV and Windows Phone 7

  2. Animal Planet

    Injured eagle saved from busy highway; Australian swimmers barely miss sharks

  3. Reporter Explains On-Air Attack

    Intense migraine caused scary on-air event

  4. Gadgets and Games: 8/13

    Gadgets & Games checks out the Droid 2’s new voice action

  5. After the Show Show: 8/13

    Meet a 10-week-old lion cub

  6. Gulf Seafood Safe, But Sales Down

    Diners still skittish about eating fish, shrimp, oysters

  7. Greta Live Wire: 10/01

    Go behind the scenes as Greta prepares for Wednesday's 'On the Record'

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