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Pinheads & Patriots: 10/27

George Lopez: pinhead or patriot?

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  1. Campaign Eats

    'Factor' producer extraordinaire Rob Monaco highlights Obama eating his way across the campaign trail

  2. Buyer Beware?

    Investor blames government for Madoff scandal. Does she have a case?

  3. Miracle on the Hudson

    Heroes describe rescuing passengers from river plane crash

  4. Palin's Nervous Resignation?

    Analyzing Gov. Palin's body language

  5. Talking Points: 7/9

    God, global warming and President Obama

  6. Oklahoma Outrage

    Disturbing new details surface in case of child rapist sentenced to one year in prison

  7. Pinheads & Patriots: 7/16

    Olympic swimmer Dara Torres: pinhead or patriot?

  8. Talking Points: 1/8

    The return of Sarah Palin

  9. Talking Points: 1/5

    What you may have missed over the holidays

  10. Mayo Shocker

    Heinz debuts controversial commercial with two men kissing

  11. Talking Points: 3/10

    Some good economic news, and some advice for President Obama

  12. Moving Left?

    Is America heading for socialism?

  1. Terror Tactics Controversy

    O'Reilly's fired up over the far left claiming the U.S. is a nation of torture

  2. Talking Points: 4/15

    Protesting big government, wild spending and high taxation

  3. Pinheads & Patriots: 7/9

    Casey Kasem: pinhead or patriot?

  4. Miller Time: 1/14

    Dennis Miller sounds off on 'torture nation' debate

  5. 'Daily Show' Distortion

    O'Reilly sets the record straight after Jon Stewart rips FOX News' health care coverage

  6. Daily Kos Disgrace

    Al Gore gives credibility to merchants of hate

  7. Talking Points: 7/15

    Obama self-reliance tour kicks into action

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